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Id: 042141
Autor: Moreno-Ancillo, A; Gil-Adrados, AC; Domínguez-Noche, C; Cosmes, PM; Pineda, F.
Título: Occupational asthma due to carrot in a cook
Fonte: Allergol. immunopatol;33(5):288-290, sept. 2005. ilus.
Idioma: En.
Resumo: Background: Few previous reports of carrot-induced asthma have been confirmed by objective tests. Hypersensitivity to carrot is frequently associated with allergy to Apiaceae spices and sensitization to birch and mugwort pollens. Clinical case: A 40-year-old cook woman was seen with sneezing, rhinorrhea, contact urticaria and wheezing within few minutes of handling or cutting raw carrots. She needed to leave out of the kitchen while the other cooks cut raw carrots. Methods and results: Skin tests were positive to carrot, celery, aniseed and fennel. Rubbing test with fresh carrot was positive. Specific IgE to carrot was 4.44 kU/L. Determinations of specific IgE to mugwort, grass and birch pollens were negative. Inhalative provocation test, performed as a handling test, was positive. The IgE-immunoblotting showed two bands in carrot extract: a band with apparent molecular weight of 30 kd and other band of 18 kd. This band of 18 kd was Dau c 1. The band of 30 kd could correspond a phenylcoumaran benzylic ether reductase. Dau c 1 did not appear to be the unique allergen in this case. Additional allergens may induce the sensitization. Primary sensitization due to airborne allergens of foods and the lack of pollen allergy in this patient are notorious events

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