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Id: lil-622790
Autor: Jain, Sumat Chand; Jain, P C; Kango, Naveen.
Título: Production of inulinase from Kluyveromyces marxianus using Dahlia tuber extract
Fonte: Braz. j. microbiol;43(1):62-69, Jan.-Mar. 2012. ilus, tab.
Idioma: en.
Resumo: Various carbon sources were evaluated for production of inulinase by yeast, Kluyveromyces marxianus MTCC 3995. Highest inulinase activity was observed with Dahlia extract (25.3 nkat mL-1) as carbon source. The enzyme activity was 1.4 folds higher than that observed in media containing pure chicory inulin (17.8 nkat mL-1). The yeast showed good growth on a simple medium containing dahlia extract (20% w/v) and yeast extract (2%w/v) as carbon and nitrogen source respectively, in 96 h. at 28°C and 120 rpm. Lowest inulinase yield (4.8 nkat mL-1) was seen in the medium containing glucose as C-source. Although varied inulinase levels were noticed on different C- sources, Inulinase: Sucrase (I/S) ratios were noticed to be similar. Among various protein sources tested, yeast extract was found to be the best source followed by beef extract (17.9 nkat mL-1) and peptone (13.8 nkat mL-1). The enzyme was optimally active at pH (4.0) and 50°C. TLC analysis of end product revealed that inulinase hydrolyzed inulin exclusively into fructose. Results suggest that the dahlia extract induced exoinulinase synthesis in Kluyveromyces marxianus and can be utilized as a potential substrate for inulinase production.
Descritores: Estruturas Vegetais/enzimologia
Extratos Vegetais/análise
Inulina/isolamento & purificação
Kluyveromyces/isolamento & purificação
Leveduras/isolamento & purificação
Ativação Enzimática
Tipo de Publ: Estudo de Avaliação
Responsável: BR32.1 - Serviço de Biblioteca e Informação Biomédica

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Id: lil-463825
Autor: Bernal, Beatriz H; Calle, Jairo; Duarte, Elcy Q; Pinzón, Roberto; Velásquez, Mario.
Título: Inulina a partir de tubérculos de Dahlia imperialis Roetz
Fonte: Rev. colomb. ciencias quim. farm;34(2):122-125, dic. 2005.
Idioma: en.
Resumo: The extraction and isolation of inulin was accomplished, from the tubers of Dahlia imperialis Roetz. (Asteraceae), obtaining a yield of 13.7 percent a dry base. The obtained product was identified by means of physical, chemical, chromatographic and spectroscopic methods; its characterization was made according to the patterns of the United States American Pharmacopeia (USP 23). Some were made assays to determine the practical and functional profits of inulin, such as its use as prebiotic food, in the manufacture of fermented milks, with bifidobacteria, specifically Bifidum infantis. In these assays, it was observed that inulin stimulates and promotes the growth of these bacteria
Descritores: Dahlia
Responsável: CO136.3 - Biblioteca Central

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