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Id: biblio-1024839
Autor: Aguirre, Alberto; Bernal, Pamela; Maureira, Daniela; Ramos, Nicolás; Vásquez, Javier; Urrutia, Homero; Gentina, Juan Carlos; Aroca, Germán.
Título: Biofiltration of trimethylamine in biotrickling filter inoculated with Aminobacter aminovorans
Fonte: Electron. j. biotechnol;33:63-67, May. 2018. ilus, graf, tab.
Idioma: en.
Projeto: FONDECYT.
Resumo: Background: Trimethylamine (TMA) is the main responsible for the odor associated with rotting fish and other annoying odors generated in many industrial activities. Biofiltration has proved to be efficient for treating odorous gaseous emissions. The main objective of this work was to determine the removal capacity of TMA of a biotrickling filter inoculated with Aminobacter aminovorans and to evaluate the effect of H2S on its performance. Results: The maximumspecific growth rate ofA. aminovorans in a liquid culture was 0.15 h -1 , witha TMAto biomass yield of 0.10 (g g -1) and a specific consumption rate of 0.062 g·g-1·h-1 . The initial specific consumption rate of TMA was highly influenced by the presence of H2S in liquid culture at concentrations of 20 and 69 ppm in heading space oftheflasks.ABTF inoculatedwithA. aminovorans showedremoval efficiencieshigher than98%ina range ofloading rate of 0.2 to 8 g·m-3·h-1 at empty bed residence time (EBRT) of 85 and 180 s. No effect on the elimination capacity and efficiency was detected when H2S was added at 20 and 50 ppm to the inlet gaseous emission, though the fraction of A. aminovorans measured by qPCR in the biofilm decreased. Conclusions:Abiotrickling filter inoculated with A. aminovorans can remove efficiently the TMA in a gaseous stream. The elimination capacity of TMA can be negatively affected by H2S, but its effect is not notorious when it is forming part of a biofilm, due to its high specific consumption rate of TMA.
Descritores: Alphaproteobacteria/metabolismo
Sulfeto de Hidrogênio
Reatores Biológicos
Responsável: CL1.1 - Biblioteca Central

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Texto completo SciELO Saúde Pública
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Id: lil-733303
Autor: Samet, Jonathan M.
Título: Some current challenges in research on air pollution and health / Desafíos actuales de la investigación sobre contaminación del aire y salud
Fonte: Salud pública Méx;56(4):379-385, jul.-ago. 2014. ilus, tab.
Idioma: en.
Resumo: This commentary addresses some of the diverse questions of current interest with regard to the health effects of air pollution, including exposure-response relationships, toxicity of inhaled particles and risks to health, multipollutant mixtures, traffic-related pollution, accountability research, and issues with susceptibility and vulnerability. It considers the challenges posed to researchers as they attempt to provide useful evidence for policy-makers relevant to these issues. This commentary accompanies papers giving the results from the ESCALA project, a multi-city study in Latin America that has an overall goal of providing policy-relevant results. While progress has been made in improving air quality, driven by epidemiological evidence that air pollution is adversely affecting public health, the research questions have become more subtle and challenging as levels of air pollution dropped. More research is still needed, but also novel methods and approaches to address these new questions.

Este comentario aborda algunos de los temas de interés actual en relación con los efectos de la contaminación del aire sobre la salud, tales como las relaciones exposición-respuesta, la toxicidad y riesgos para la salud de las partículas inhaladas, las mezclas de contaminantes múltiples, la contaminación relacionada con el tráfico, la investigación sobre responsabilidad, y los problemas de susceptibilidad y vulnerabilidad. Considera los retos que se presentan a los investigadores que intentan proporcionar evidencia para los responsables políticos en estas cuestiones. Este texto acompaña otros trabajos con resultados del proyecto ESCALA, un estudio en varias ciudades de América Latina que tiene como objetivo general proporcionar resultados relevantes para la política pública. Aunque ha habido avances para mejorar la calidad del aire, gracias a la evidencia epidemiológica de que la contaminación aérea está afectando negativamente a la salud pública, las preguntas de investigación se han vuelto más sutiles y difíciles a medida que los niveles de contaminación se reducen. Se necesita más investigación, pero también nuevos métodos y enfoques capaces de enfrentar estas preguntas.
Descritores: Colina/análogos & derivados
Junção Neuromuscular/metabolismo
Inibidores da Colinesterase/farmacologia
Estimulação Elétrica
Camundongos Endogâmicos
Fármacos Neuromusculares Despolarizantes/farmacologia
Inibidores da Captação de Neurotransmissores/farmacologia
Rana pipiens
Limites: Animais
Tipo de Publ: Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't
Research Support, U.S. Gov't, P.H.S.
Responsável: BR1.1 - BIREME

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Texto completo SciELO Chile
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Id: lil-676820
Autor: Sun, Xuerong; Liu, Xinguang; Zhang, Yuehong; Kuang, Xielan; Lv, Bo; Ge, Jian.
Título: A simple and effective pressure culture system modified from a transwell cell culture system
Fonte: Biol. Res;46(1):47-52, 2013. ilus.
Idioma: en.
Projeto: National Natural Science Foundation of China; . State Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology. Fundamental Research Funds; . Medical Scientific Research Foundation of Guangdong Province; . Guangdong Medical College. Science & Technology Innovation Fund.
Resumo: Mechanical pressure plays an important role in many physiological and pathological processes. Mimicking the mechanical pressure present in vitro is necessary for related research, but usually requires expensive and complicated equipment. In this study we created a simple pressure culture system based on the transwell culture system. By cutting off the top rim of the transwell insert, the cells were compressed between the insert membrane and the well floor. The new pressure culture system was proven effective in that it induced cell morphological change, integrin β1 upregulation, actin polymerization and growth change in rat retinal ganglion cells, human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells and mice embryonic fibroblasts. Though the pressure value is immeasurable and inhomogeneous, the easily available culture system still provides a choice for the laboratories that do not have access to the better, but much more expensive pressure culture equipment.
Descritores: /genética
Proliferação de Células
Técnicas de Cultura de Células/métodos
-Análise de Variância
Citoesqueleto de Actina/fisiologia
Linhagem Celular/fisiologia
Pressão Hidrostática
Neoplasias Nasofaríngeas/patologia
Cultura Primária de Células
Reação em Cadeia da Polimerase em Tempo Real
Células Ganglionares da Retina/citologia
Células Ganglionares da Retina/fisiologia
Reação em Cadeia da Polimerase Via Transcriptase Reversa/métodos
Estresse Mecânico
Limites: Animais
Tipo de Publ: Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't
Responsável: CL1.1 - Biblioteca Central

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Texto completo SciELO Venezuela
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Id: lil-356581
Autor: Quitral Robles, V; Abugoch, L; Vinagre, J; Guarda, A; Larraín, M. A; Santana, G.
Título: Efecto de tratamientos térmicos sobre las características químicas de carne de jaiba mora (Homalaspis plana) / Effect of thermal treatments on the chemical characteristics of mora crab meat (Homalaspis plana)
Fonte: Arch. latinoam. nutr;53(1):90-95, mar. 2003.
Idioma: es.
Resumo: Marine species muscles present non-proteins nitrogenated compounds, used as quality index. They are total volatile basis (NBVT), trimethylamine oxide (TMAO) and trimethylamine (TMA). pH is considered too as a quality index. The aim of this work was to evaluate these parameters in a fresh and canned marine product from the V region, corresponding to mora crab (Homalaspis plana). Fresh pincer meat from mora crab was extracted and kept in ice until theits analysis and thermal process of the canned product. A 3(2) statistical design was applied, considering two variables with 3 levels: 15, 30 y 45 minutes time levels: 80 degrees, 100 degrees y 121 degrees C temperature levels. Nine conditions of time-temperature were obtained. The thermal treatment caused an increase in pH and BVT. The TMA was increased since reduction of TMAO.
Descritores: Braquiúros
Temperatura Alta
Compostos de Nitrogênio/análise
Concentração de Íons de Hidrogênio
Fatores de Tempo
Tipo de Publ: Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't
Responsável: BR1.1 - BIREME

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Id: lil-148748
Autor: Vieyra, A; Caruso-Neves, C.
Título: Interactions of the regulatory ligands Mg2+ and MgATP2- with the renal plasma membrane Ca(2+)-ATPase: effects of osmolytes that stabilize or destabilize protein structure
Fonte: Braz. j. med. biol. res = Rev. bras. pesqui. méd. biol;26(4):373-81, Apr. 1993. ilus, graf.
Idioma: en.
Conferência: Apresentado em: SBPC Annual Meeting, 43, Rio de Janeiro, July 14-19, 1991.
Resumo: In this report we analyze the kinetics of activation of the plasma membrane Ca(2+)-ATPase from kidney proximal tubules by the regulatory ligands Mg2+ and MgATP2-, and we examine modifications in the effects of these ligands that are promoted by organic solutes of natural occurrence that stabilize or destabilize protein structure and function. The solutes tested were trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMA-O), sucrose and urea. TMA-O and sucrose were chosen as representative of the different methylamines and polyols, respectively, that accumulate in living organisms. The results lead to the conclusion that free Mg2+ and the MgATP2- complex both activate the rate-determining E2-->E1 transition during the catalytic cycle of the enzyme, by binding to nonidentical and independent regulatory sites. They also indicate that TMA-O, sucrose and urea not only promote global modifications in the enzyme structure, but also modify specific interactions of the ligands Mg2+ and MgATP2- at their regulatory sites
Descritores: Trifosfato de Adenosina/metabolismo
ATPases Transportadoras de Cálcio/metabolismo
Técnicas In Vitro
Túbulos Renais Proximais/enzimologia
-Ativação Enzimática
ATPases Transportadoras de Cálcio/efeitos dos fármacos
Membrana Celular/efeitos dos fármacos
Membrana Celular/enzimologia
Interações Medicamentosas
Sítios de Ligação
Túbulos Renais Proximais
Limites: Animais
Responsável: BR1.1 - BIREME

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Id: lil-34956
Autor: Mendoza Castro, Josefina; García Roché, Miguel O; Bécquer Lombard, Armando; Richards Bertot, Maria de los Angeles.
Título: Estudio de los niveles de los precursores de los compuestos N-nitroso cancerígenos en algunas especies de peces cubanos: I. Nitratos, nitritos y trimetilamina en ronco (Haemulon parra Desmarest) / Levels of precursors of N-nitrous carcinogenic compounds in some species of Cuban fishes: I. nitrates, nitrites and trimethylamine in ronco (Haemulon parra Desmarest)
Fonte: Rev. cuba. hig. epidemiol;22(4):502-6, jul.-sept. 1984.
Idioma: es.
Resumo: Entre los precursores de la síntesis de la dimetilnitrosamina cancerígena se encuentran los nitratos, nitritos y la trimetilamina (TMA). En el presente trabajo se informan los niveles de estos precursores en 30 muestras de pescado de la especie Haemulon parra Desmarest (ronco), capturadas en la plataforma cubana. Los métodos de análisis empleados fueron: para nitratos y nitritos el recomendado por el Comité Mixto FAO/OMS en 1976 y para la trimetilamina el informado por la FAO en 1969. Los resultados obtenidos (x+ ou - S) expresados en mg/kg fueron: TMA 9,7 + ou - 6,63; NaNO3 11,7 + ou - 8,34 y NaNO2 1,0. Los niveles hallados no parecen representar un riesgo a la salud por la ingestión de estos compuestos, en comparación con otros alimentos, incluyendo otras especies de peces informados en la literatura. La posibilidad de formación de dimetilnitrosamina en las muestras analizadas a partir de los precursores estudiados es muy escasa, dados los bajos contenidos encontrados de TMA, NaNO3 y sobre todo NaNO2
Descritores: Dimetilnitrosamina/metabolismo
Responsável: BR1.1 - BIREME

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