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Id: biblio-1022746
Autor: Wang, Zisheng; Hang, Panpan; Zhang, Qihuan; Xu, Qiaoqing; Qi, Zhitao.
Título: Molecular characterization and expression analysis of cathepsin C in Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus) after Aeromonas hydrophila infection
Fonte: Electron. j. biotechnol;32:47-54, Mar. 2018. tab, ilus, graf.
Idioma: en.
Projeto: National Natural Science Foundation of China; . Jiangsu Province; . Opening Project of Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of Marine Wetland.
Resumo: Background: Cathepsin C (CTSC) (dipeptidyl peptidase I, DPPI), is a member of the papain superfamily of cysteine proteases and involves in a variety of host reactions. However, the information of CTST in Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus), an amphibian species with important evolutionary position and economic values, remained unclear. Results: The full-length salamander CTSC cDNA contained a 96 bp of 5'-UTR, a 1392 bp of ORF encoding 463 amino acids, and a 95 bp of 3'-UTR. The salamander CTSC possessed several sequence features similar to other reported CTSCs such as a signal peptide, a propeptide and a mature peptide. The active site triad of Cys, His and Asn were also found existing in salamander CTSC. Salamander CTSC mRNA was constitutively expressed in all the examined tissues with significantly variant expression level. The highest expression of CTSC was in intestine, followed with stomach, spleen, lung and brain. Following Aeromonas hydrophila infection for 12 h, salamander CTSC was significantly up-regulated in several tissues including lung, spleen, brain, kidney, heart, stomach and skin. Conclusion: CTSC plays roles in the immune response to bacterial infection, which provided valuable information for further studying the functions of CTSC in salamander.
Descritores: Urodelos/genética
Infecções por Bactérias Gram-Negativas/veterinária
Catepsina C/imunologia
Infecções por Bactérias Gram-Negativas/imunologia
Clonagem Molecular
Aeromonas hydrophila/fisiologia
Análise de Sequência
DNA Complementar
Catepsina C/genética
Catepsina C/metabolismo
Transcrição Reversa
Imunidade Inata/genética
Limites: Animais
Responsável: CL1.1 - Biblioteca Central

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