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Id: lil-783314
Autor: Kar, Subrat; Bandyopadhyay, Poonam; Chakraborty, Sweta; Chakrabarty, Monalisa; Paul, Biplab kumar; Ghosh, Sarbari; Basu, Ruma; Das, Sukhen; Bhar, Durga Sankar; Manchanda, Raj Kumar; Khurana, Anil; Nayak, Debadatta; Nandy, Papiya S.
Título: Derivation of an empirical relation between the size of the nanoparticle and the potency of homeopathic medicines
Fonte: Int. j. high dilution res;14(4):2-7, 2015. tab, graf.
Idioma: en.
Resumo: Homeopathic medicines are often prescribed at very high dilutions and it is a clinically observed fact that the medicinal effect of the drug remains even at these high dilutions. The increase in potency of a medicine due to potentization is still debatable from physico-chemical point of view. Out of various hypotheses to explain this phenomenon, a recent hypothesis, advanced by us and supported by others, is that the size of the constituent particles decreases and eventually achieves nano dimension due to potentization. From the experiments performed by our group, the size of nanoparticles (NPs) of Cuprum metallicum, Zincum oxydatum, Aurum metallicum, Ferrum metallicum and Aconitum napellus (6cH, 30cH and 200cH) have been estimated. A general mathematical expression of the form y = a x-n has been derived which relates the size of NPs (y) with the corresponding potencies (x). There is no method to calculate the accurate potency of the homeopathic medicine, as the potency of a medicine depends to some extent on the method of preparation, for which a standardized procedure is warranted. Also, while handling a medicine, the solvent might evaporate causing a change in the potency. Thus by measuring the size of the NPs and using our proposed standard curve, the potency may be estimated...
Descritores: Aconitum ferox/farmacologia
Altas Potências
Aurum Metallicum/farmacologia
Cuprum Metallicum/farmacologia
Ferrum Metallicum/farmacologia
Zincum Oxydatum/farmacologia
Limites: Humanos
Responsável: BR926.1 - Biblioteca Artur de Almeida Rezende Filho

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Id: lil-123080
Autor: Vieira, Angela Augusta Lanner.
Título: Aconitum ferox / Aconitum ferox
Fonte: Homeopatia;1(1):23-5, nov. 1991.
Idioma: pt.
Resumo: A autora apresenta um entendimento pessoal baseado na patogenesia de Aconitum ferox, que foi efetuada em dose ponderal, em um unico experimentador
Descritores: Aconitum ferox
-Patogênese Homeopática
Responsável: BR926.1 - Biblioteca Artur de Almeida Rezende Filho

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