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Id: 10770232
Autor: Manicavasagar V; Silove D; Curtis J; Wagner R.
Título: Continuities of separation anxiety from early life into adulthood.
Fonte: J Anxiety Disord;14(1):1-18, 2000 Jan-Feb.
Idioma: En.
Resumo: The study investigates whether a putative diagnosis of separation anxiety disorder can be identified in adulthood and whether there are continuities between juvenile and adult forms of the disorder. Seventy patients with conventional adult diagnoses of panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder attending an anxiety clinic were administered an interview and checklist to assess separation anxiety (SA) symptoms in adulthood. Memories of early SA were assessed using the Separation Anxiety Symptom Inventory (SASI). A subsample (n = 31) was used to calibrate the checklist against assignment to a category of adult separation anxiety disorder (ASAD) based on the structured interview. In an expanded sample (n = 70), patients assigned to the ASAD category returned statistically higher scores on the SASI, with the severity of juvenile SA symptoms accounting for 33% of the variance of adult SA scores (p < .001). Assignment of subjects to the putative ASAD category was not associated with any conventional adult anxiety diagnosis and symptoms of SA appeared to predate the onset of the other anxiety disorders. One possible explanation for the data is that, in some individuals, early onset separation anxiety disorder may persist into adulthood, but the symptoms may either be overlooked or, alternatively, obscured by secondary features such as panic.
Responsável: BR1.1 - BIREME

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