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Filling in the form

Type a word or term and select the field where it should be searched.

If you wish, select it by consulting the indexes made available in all search fields. To open a specific index, select the field and click on "index".

To type more than one word in the same line, it is necessary to use a boolean operator so as to relate one to the other (example 1). Use lines 1, 2 and 3 to search more than one word and/or in different fields (example 2).

The symbol $ is a truncation resource for retrieval. Type $ after a root of a word to retrieve all the words which have this root.
Example :
educa$ will retrieve terms like: educator, education.

Click on "Search" to start the search.

Example 1 Search    in the field
1 hepatitis b or hepatitis c Subject descriptor


Example 2 Search  in the field
1 hepatitis Words


and hepatic cirrhosis Subject descriptor


or English Language
Boolean operators When there is more than one word or term in the same line, or from one line to the other, they must be separated by a boolean operator in order to be related one to the other.



and hepatitis b and hepatic cirrhosis retrieves articles about topics hepatitis b and hepatic cirrhosis, obligatorily related.
or hepatitis b  or hepatitis c retrieves articles about topics hepatitis b and/or the topic hepatitis c, not necessarily both topics in the same article.
and not arrhythmia/co and not myocardial infarct retrieves articles about arrhythmia complications eliminating the articles about myocardial infarct.